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Philippe ATIENZA Bootmaker - Paris

Anonymous Client

Working in Media industry

between  Paris, NYC and Milan

"For almost 10 years I had the great opportunity to punctually work with Soizic. More precisely, to work for the clients for whom Soizic manages or used to manage the dressing room. I will define these collaborations by a few words that immediately come to my mind:
Rigor, Commitment, Loyalty, Honesty, Sincerity, Punctuality, Awareness, Confidence, Discretion.

Indeed, every time I had the opportunity to work for one of Soizic’s clients, I noticed the same things; Soizic looks for the best way to satisfy her client by finding the perfect solution that will give the optimal result. Nevertheless, she stays humble while accomplishing her mission.
With me, the supplier, Soizic defines specifications, delays and results to achieve while listening and understanding to what I need in order to fulfill her expectations successfully.
I feel like I have won Soizic’s confidence over the past years as she has mine anyway."

Philippe Atienza

" I have been using Soizic's services for over a year now. She totally gets my complicated lifestyle and needs !

She manages to get my household to treat and order my clothes properly which makes my life easier. The interior designer with whom she collaborates is ace and managed to rebuild my wardrobes in my homes. As someone who constantly travels for work between fashion shows and events this is essential.

She is like my little fairy who always prepares the right look for me.

Working with Soizic is an absolute pleasure"


More to come soon!

Haute Couture Expert - Wardrobe Manager - Household Staff Trainer -

Personal Shopper

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